Issue no. 10 Reitsport BRANCHE 2022 is published!



RB exclusive survey: Has Socialising changed? IN-TEAM: presenting Sabrina Riedmeier-Beerbaum (BayWa AG) – spoga spotlights: Talk to Dr. Maria Näther - uvex Sports and Horse Pilot partnering up – Selling sustainably online? News brief


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Conference, create, connect – and that was just the start!



-         Clipping & clippers: A pretty hairy task

-         Which clipper is the right one?



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Georg Ettwig,

Head of Marketing and Communication at the German Equestrian Federation (FN):


“The horse plays an important role in our society – be it as a partner for sports and leisure, a teacher and educator for our children or as our four-legged friend. At the same time, the horse plays an economic role not to be underestimated. The new magazine Reitsport BRANCHE demonstrates just how comprehensive, versatile and exciting the equestrian sector really is. We wish you a good start and lots of success.” Foto: FN-Archiv

Isabell Werth,

Five-time Olympic Dressage Champion


“Professionalism and quality play a decisive role in dressage sports. I am delighted that, with Reitsport BRANCHE, a new magazine with these qualifactions is going to support the equestrian trade and manufacturers. Good luck!”

Stefan Schwanbeck,

Managing Director USG United Sportsproducts Germany


“USG hopes for a fresh and dynamic trade magazine with a finger on the pulse of the times, and reviews interesting and topical issues in a competent way. We wish Reitsport BRANCHE and its founder Michael Meenen good luck and all the best!”