Behind Reitsport BRANCHE lies Meenen Press Services, a team of experienced industry insiders. Publisher Michael Meenen has been an innovator for more than 25 years in the equestrian scene.


Presseservice Meenen is well networked in the equestrian scene, has produced numerous publications and directed major international events, including three world championships.


With Reitsport BRANCHE, you now have a medium on your side, on which you can 100 percent rely. Michael Meenen: "We use our strengths to your advantage. On that you have my word."


Reitsport BRANCHE reaches 99.5 percent of German equestrian retailers. Additionally, the English-language edition is an important source of information for retailers in other European countries.


Presseservice Meenen guarantees quality journalism:

  • Researched facts and information from industry insiders
  • Valuable consultation, from purchase to POS
  • Opinions that connect
  • Commentary that polarises
  • All done in an entertaining writing style

We'll travel this road together!



Michael Meenen

Editor, ReitsportBRANCHE


Dennis Brömlage,

Head of Marketing & Communications at Schockemöhle Sports GmbH


“Distributed all over Europe,

bilingual and digital – the trade

magazine Reitsport BRANCHE

promises to be an exciting concept as well as an international and holistic view on the equestrian trade industry. On behalf of Schockemöhle Sports GmbH I’m wishing Mr Meenen the best of success with his new project.”

Klaus Egbers,

Managing Director HKM Sports Equipment GmbH


“The entire team at HKM wishes Reitsport BRANCHE a successful start and congratulates them on the publication of their first issue.”


Heike Neeten

Editorial Assistant and Advertising Management

Sebastian Reichert


Reitsport BRANCHE Leipzig

Niclas Siebert

Media and Culture Studies at Düsseldorf University, telephone research and surveys

Lukas Meenen

Online research

Jorinde Buck

Certified translator, Journalist, Agricultural engineer

BUCK text+translation

Florian Reichert

Veterinarian, Berlin Editorial Expert Adviser